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Monday, May 6, 2024

National USDA asks for bids on salmon, catfish contracts by 9 May Seafood Source by Christine Blank - May 3, 2024 The U.S. Department of Agriculture is asking seafood suppliers to bid on contracts to supply salmon, catfish, and walleye for domestic food distribution programs. The deadline to submit bids is 9 May.

Environment/Science Fish are shrinking around the world. Here’s why scientists are worried. Figuring out the reason why has big implications, with billions of people depending on seafood for protein. The Washington Post by Dino Grandoni - May 4, 2024  There’s something fishy going on in the water. Across Earth’s oceans, fish are shrinking — and no one can agree why. NOAA Fisheries’ overfishing list shrinks to record low Seafood Source by Nathan Strout - May 3, 2024 NOAA Fisheries reported that a record-low number of fish stocks are currently being overfished in its latest Status of the Stocks report. Labeling and Marketing 3MMI - China Update: Supply, Prices, Production, Regulatory TradexFoods - May 6, 2024 China's seafood market is adjusting to shifts in supply, production, and regulations, affecting key products like Pollock and Alaskan Cod, with prices expected to reach new highs. Price fluctuations continue in the Haddock and Flounder markets due to limited catches and production challenges. These changes are part of broader shifts in the global seafood trade landscape. Watch to Find Out More. Federal Register IB 24-22: NMFS Prohibits Directed Fishing for Pacific Cod by Vessels using Jig Gear in the Central Regulatory Area of the Gulf of Alaska NOAA Fisheries - May 3, 2024 The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) is prohibiting directed fishing for Pacific cod by vessels using jig gear in the Central Regulatory Area of the Gulf of Alaska (GOA), effective 12 noon, Alaska local time, May 6, 2024, according to Jonathan M. Kurland, Administrator, Alaska Region, NMFS.

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