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September 29, 2021

*********************************** SeaShare donations are in demand at nations food banks and throughout AK One in six children are predicted to experience food insecurity this year. You can help get nutritious seafood into food banks by donating during our WEEK OF SEAFOOD GIVING! Seafood contains the building block nutrients (omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, selenium, Vitamin D, Zinc) critical for all ages to maintain a healthy lifestyle and immunity. For every $1 donated to SeaShare, we’re able to provide 8 seafood servings to food banks. We need to fund 80,000 seafood meals this week — the end of Hunger Action Month and beginning of National Seafood Month — to feed to those in need. Donate today so that food bank clients, especially children and the elderly, can have healthful seafood as an option.

*********************************** Alaska Smart buoys offer hope for reducing environmental and economic damage caused by lost fishing gear Anchorage Daily News by Laine Welch | Fish Factor - September 27, 2021 Lost fishing gear -- be it nets, lines or pots -- continues “ghost fishing” forever, causing a slow death for countless marine creatures and financial losses to fishermen. Low King Salmon Runs In Western Alaska Trigger Bering Sea Bycatch Caps KYUK by Greg Kim - September 28, 2021 Unofficial estimates of this summer’s king salmon run in Western Alaska rivers show a lower than average return, which will trigger stricter limits on the Bering Sea pollock fishery’s bycatch caps for king salmon next year. International Russia working to counter downward trend in halibut stocks Seafood Source by Ivan Stupachenko - September 28, 2021 Russian fishery scientists and seafood companies are working on a strategy to safeguard stocks of halibut as the species continues to see declines in total allowable catch. Environment/Science Low oxygen levels along Pacific Northwest coast a ‘silent’ climate change crisis Seattle Times by Michala Garrison - September 28, 2021 Nearly two decades ago, fishers discovered an odd occurrence off the coast of Oregon. They were pulling up pots of dead or lethargic crabs. At first they suspected a chemical spill or a red tide. But instead, they learned, dangerously low levels of dissolved oxygen in the ocean water were to blame. FYI’s The Top 25 Seafood Product Innovators – 2021 Edition Seafood Source by Madelyn Kearns - September 28, 2021 Welcome to The Top 25 Seafood Product Innovators list, featuring a group of North American seafood providers that have brought an innovative shine to these uncertain times. Alaska Fishermen and Climate Change Webinar SeafoodNews by Laine Welch - September 29, 2021 This is Alaska Fish Radio. I’m Laine Welch. Fishermen talk climate change at a Thursday webinar. More after this -- The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute provides digital and print marketing materials to the Alaska seafood industry. Find access to thousands of stunning photos, high quality video footage, and sales tools at Grundéns’ DECK-BOSS 15-inch boots feature a protective toe cap, uppers that won’t crack, and compression molded rubber outsoles for better traction on wet decks. Made in the USA. A webinar tomorrow/Thursday features Alaska fishermen and ocean health advocates discussing how a changing climate is affecting our oceans and ways to adapt to it. It’s part of a Climate Opportunities Assessment series by The Nature Conservancy and Kallender and Associates. Stephanie Holthaus is a Conservancy climate advisor “And we're trying to inform and educate policymakers, and at the same time, elevate the voices of Alaskans and get their thoughts out into the public realm. So this next event is Alaska Fishermen on Our Changing Oceans. And we will have fishermen, obviously, and fisherwomen, we will also have some policymakers and leaders of trade associations, processors, academics, scientists, etc. to talk about how Alaska fisheries are changing, and what the potential impacts might be, but also to think about and discuss innovative approaches that folks are taking to either mitigate the impacts of those changes or adapt to the changes that are coming.” The 90-minute discussion will share observations at sea, impacts on fishing stocks, on fishing fleets and fishing communities in the future. The climate series also includes four reports by McKinley Research. Two already completed focus on renewable energy and resilient housing. Others feature community infrastructure and natural climate solutions. “ And I think what's unique about them is that they are examining where we are now in all of those different topics. Where is Alaska? What are we doing now? And what are the challenges that we face in the changing climate? But they are also looking at what are the opportunities for addressing those impacts.” Holthaus also is the national lead on the Conservancy’s Women on Climate Initiative. “We are trying to connect and inspire women who are leading on climate change. We believe that women bring a different perspective and a different way of working that's really needed in the climate space. The live climate change webinar runs from 10:30 to noon (AK time) on Thursday, Sept. 30. Register for free at and find links at and on Facebook and Twitter. Fish Radio is also brought to you by Ocean Beauty Seafoods, an Alaska corporation proudly supporting Alaska’s coastal communities and the Alaskans who depend on fishing for their livelihoods and culture. In Kodiak, I’m Laine Welch. 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