Monday, November 2, 2020

November 2, 2020


ER Environmental Services, Inc. (IERES) joins PSPA’s Associate Membership
Dick Handley – October 2020
IER Environmental Services, Inc. (IERES) is a Washington Corporation specializing in equipment and technical expertise to offer solutions to wastewater concerns. IERES offers well in excess of 50 years’ experience in providing resolutions to Wastewater Treatment Concerns. See details and links below for more information regarding products and services.




Technologies Offered

  *   G-DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation Technology
  *   MBBR & MBR Biological Treatments
  *   Soluble BOD removal - MBBR
  *   Wastewater Clarification
  *   Multi Media Filtration
  *   Screw Press Dewatering
  *   Advanced Oxidation (O3/O2)
  *   Wastewater Chemical Treatment Experience
  *   Chemical Free Odor Control
If we can provide potential assistance, please contact:
Dick Handley - CEO/GM
Feature Video:

New management measures for salmon fishing in Cook Inlet EEZ considered
Cordova Times - October 30, 2020
A Joint Protocol Committee with representatives of the Alaska Board of Fisheries and North Pacific Fishery Management Council will meet virtually Thursday, Nov. 5, to discuss alternatives for management of salmon fisheries in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cook Inlet.

Board of Fisheries has full agenda for spring meetings
Arctic Sounder by Laine Welch - October 29, 2020
The plan is to hold in-person meetings while monitoring COVID-19 threats
Many Alaska fishermen are likely to be involved in regulatory meetings next spring instead of being out on the water. And Alaska legislators will be distracted by hearings for hundreds of unconfirmed appointments as they tackle contentious budgets and other pressing issues.

Fishing industry weighs in on state’s $50m pandemic relief plan
KFSK by Jacob Resneck - October 29, 2020
A statewide commercial fishing industry group is asking the Dunleavy administration to justify its proposal on how to distribute $50 million dollars in federal pandemic relief for Alaska’s fishing industry.

Small Genetic Difference Determines Chinook Salmon Migration Timing, New Study Shows
Klamath River findings inform salmon conservation and recovery
NOAA Fisheries - October 29, 2020
The annual migration of Chinook salmon up West Coast rivers from the ocean has enriched ecosystems, inspired cultures, and shaped landscapes. Yet the timing of their migration is controlled by one small section of their genome, according to research published this week in Science.

Labeling and Marketing
#3MMI - Global Dungeness Crab Fall Market Update
TradexFoods - November 2, 2020
Current full season harvest total for Alaska is just over 6 million lbs with about one month of fishing left. As Washington state fishery managers prepare to open the 2020/21 season, recent testing showed poor meat recovery. Nationwide, we estimate global 2020 Dungeness Crab harvest totals to ring-in close to 2019's & 2018’s nationwide totals. Fast forward to October and current market conditions for Dungeness are that export sales from China have still not recovered, domestic domestic demand is slow, and to clear any confusion there is not an excess of Dungeness in freezers.


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