August 13, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast Alaska seafood industry braces for China tariff pain Reuters by Yereth Rosen – August 12, 2018 SEWARD, Alaska (Reuters) – Alaska fishermen are used to coping with fickle weather and wild ocean waves. Now they face a new

August 8, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast Togiak’s slow but steady salmon run cracks record Togiak has Bristol Bay’s smallest and latest salmon run, but it’s following the Nushagak’s lead and broke through 1980’s total run record of 1.2 million sockeye on Monday. Follow this

August 7, 2018

Alaska/Pacific Coast Gold king crab quota up Bristol Bay Times by Jim Paulin – August 5, 2018 The Aleutian Islands golden king crab fishery opened this week, on Aug. 1, with a 16 percent quota boost. Ocean Beauty Seafoods