April 16, 2015

Alaska/Pacific Coast As Fishery Nears, Salmon Processors Face Certification Issues Fishermen’s News – April 15, 2015 On the eve of what is forecasted to be a very robust wild Alaska salmon harvest, sustainable certification issues, plus a substantial inventory of

April 15, 2015

Alaska/Pacific Coast Feds approve fish pots to outsmart opportunistic whales Seattle Times by Hal Bernton – April 14, 2015 Gulf of Alaska whales that dine on hooked black cod are likely to find slimmer pickings in the years ahead. http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/feds-approve-cod-pots-to-outsmart-opportunistic-whales/

April 14, 2015

Alaska/Pacific Coast NPFMC Tightens Limits on Chinook Bycatch KUCB by Lauren Rosenthal – April 13, 2015 The Bering Sea pollock fleet is about to face tougher restrictions when it comes to salmon. This weekend, federal regulators agreed to tie the

April 13, 2015

Alaska/Pacific Coast Alaska Salmon Producers Decide to Rejoin MSC, All Bristol Bay Sockeye to be MSC Certified SEAFOODNEWS.COM by John Sackton – April 10, 2015 Virtually all of Alaska’s abundant wild salmon will be harvested under MSC certification as well

April 10, 2015

Alaska/Pacific Coast Alaska sockeye salmon glut expected to lower prices Alaska Dispatch News by Jeannette Lee Falsey – April 9, 2015 The price of Alaska sockeye salmon is expected to drop this year as a huge run and leftover cans