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Monday, May 20, 2019

Alaska/Pacific Coast

Alaska Fisheries Report KMXT by Maggie Wall - May 18, 2019 Salmon fishermen waiting for disaster relief funds for the 2016 pink salmon season are being told they’ll have to keep waiting. This after being told they could expect their relief checks at the first of the year. Copper River opener begins with much anticipation More people in town, means more boats in the harbor Cordova Times by Jane Spencer - May 17, 2019 Every spring, there’s a lot of anticipation about the upcoming salmon run, the Prince William Sound and Copper River Salmon forecast, and how the Alaska Department of Fish and Game will manage the fishery. Cordova is busy with more and more people coming to town for the fishing season, there’s a lot of conversation around town speculating what the fishing season will bring and the duration of the openers. More people in town, means more boats in the harbor, more trucks parked along Main Street, more boat engines revving and more people hypothesizing about the fishing season. Never a group to lack opinions, Alaska commercial fishermen weigh in on the upcoming season before the first Copper River opener on May 16. Alaska Air Cargo brings the season's first wild Copper River salmon to Seattle PR Newswire - May 17, 2019 SEATTLE-- About 18,000 pounds of fresh Copper River salmon arrived on a fish-filled Alaska Airlines plane touching down at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport shortly after 6:30 a.m. Today officially marks the start of the salmon season that is anticipated by seafood lovers throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. By noon, Alaska Air Cargo is expected to deliver a total of 50,000 pounds of Copper River salmon to the Lower 48 with more scheduled on later flights. International The first quarter shows an increase in exports of Alaska pollock surimi from the US - May 21, 2019 At US Customs, the average price of Alaskan pollock surimi (Theragra chalcograma) (HS 0304991130) was USD 2.79/kg in March. This price is up 4% on that of February and 11% on that of January 2018. In the quarter the price averaged USD 2.76 / kg, 9% more than in 2018. Two of Alaska’s biggest exports are caught up in the US-China trade dispute KTOO by Elizabeth Jenkins - May 17, 2019 As President Donald Trump’s trade dispute with China continues to drag out, some of Alaska’s biggest exports expect to be hit with even steeper tariffs than they’ve seen in recent months. Environment/Science Salmon researchers seek funds for expanded expedition in 2020 Times Colonist by Carla Wilson - May 19, 2019 Fundraising is underway to mount winter scientific expeditions in the north Pacific Ocean in 2020 and 2021 to learn more about the lives of millions of salmon, as climate change alters the ecosystem and fisheries managers puzzle over why some stocks are crashing. Labeling and Marketing 3MMI - Major News Events Affecting the Seafood Industry Right Now TradexFoods - May 20, 2019 The first major news event affecting the seafood industry right now are tariffs. The second major news event affecting the industry right now is the ambivalent Chum Salmon Market. The third major news event affecting the industry right now is the oversupply of Russian Pink's... FYI’s 'Get Off The Boat' — Women In Commercial Fishing Industry Fight Sexual Harassment KUCB - May 18, 2019 When Robin McAllistar worked in the commercial fishing industry in the 1970s and 1980s, she was often the only woman on the boat. Once, she said she was stuck on a boat with a captain who was constantly drinking. She said he assaulted her in her room, and she had to fight him off.

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