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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Alaska/Pacific Coast

Bristol Bay Run Could Reach 50M Sockeye, if Port Moller Results are in Line with Previous Years by Peggy Parker - July 15, 2019 The most recent report from the Port Moller Test Fishery came last Saturday and announced that test fishing will start Sunday at Station 12 and fish shoreward through today. “Our fishing strategy for the July 16-17 will depend on catch results over the next two days,” said PMTF lead scientist Scott Rayborn. “Missed inner and outer stations over the last several days notwithstanding, what was sampled indicates there is still some strength left to the run,” Rayborn wrote in an email. “The last three days (July 11-13) include many interpolations, but the Daily Catch Indices (Stations 2-24) have been above the average for July 3-13 this year. As mentioned in recent emails, this time period has seen some poor fishing conditions compared to earlier in the year.” “All this to say that the run, while declining, does not appear to be drying up at the test fishery as fast as one might fear for this late in the season and seems in line with recent years of late/large runs over 50 million. “The recent stock composition for July 7-8 shows Egegik and Naknek to remain strong, while the Kvichak continues to increase along with Ugashik making a modest appearance. The tenth and last PMTF stock composition analysis was released from fish caught during July 10-11 test fishing and shows 25.1 percent were Kvichak River salmon, a strong showing for this late in the month. Egegik’s unusual strong and long run continues with 42.1 percent of the test fishery caught during July 10-11, 2019. International Govt to subsidize fishermen’s disposal of ocean plastic Japan News - July 16, 2019 The Yomiuri ShimbunThe government plans to provide assistance for the collection and disposing of plastic waste in the ocean (see below) picked up by fishing vessels, according to sources. Environment/Science The great salmon mystery: Scientists go to unprecedented lengths to find out where chinook go Seattle Times by Lynda V. Mapes - July 14, 2019 ABOARD THE ZEPHYR, ALONG THE WASHINGTON COAST — Flashing silver, the salmon loomed up from the deep, hooked and thrashing. With a tug, scientists hauled it aboard and quickly dunked the fish in a cooler full of anesthetizing knockout potion: They had plans for this big chinook. This fish was going places, and they wanted to know where. Using fungi, UAA team develops biodegradable insulation for shipping Alaska seafood Anchorage Daily News by Devin Kelly - July 15, 2019 In a University of Alaska Anchorage laboratory, researchers have been growing lightweight and fuzzy panels from mushroom tissue that they say could be used as insulation for shipping frozen fish. Federal Register Pacific Fishery Management Council; Public Meeting A Notice by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on 07/16/2019 The Pacific Fishery Management Council's (Pacific Council) Highly Migratory Species Management Team (HMSMT) will hold a meeting, which is open to the public. FYI’s There’s a NOAA boat zig-zagging Bellingham Bay. Here’s why Bellingham Herald by Lacey Young - July 15, 2019 Bellingham Bay nautical charts are getting their first update since 2005 thanks to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration crew zig-zagging across the bay. Over the summer, a team from NOAA is using sonar to measure the depth of the water from a 34-foot boat.

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