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Friday, August 16, 2019

Alaska/Pacific Coast Alaska Fisheries Report KMXT by Maggie Wall - August 15, 2019 The pink salmon harvest in Southeast Alaska is expected to end up hitting its target numbers after all. Despite poor returns in the northern part of the region, fishermen farther south are doing fine. Slow Going for Norton Sound Crabbers: Only 72,000 lbs. in 50 Days KNOM by Davis Hovey - August 14, 2019 The remaining dozen crabbers still looking for red king crab in Norton Sound this season are having a difficult time finding the Alaskan crustacean. Environment/Science When Will All the Ice in the Arctic Be Gone? A climatologist and ice researcher examines the latest trends and data Scientific American by Julienne C. Stroeve - August 14, 2019 When will all the ice in the Arctic be gone? This is a question often asked of sea-ice researchers by the media, the general public and policy makers—and no wonder. Several recent reports have detailed the accelerated loss of summer sea-ice cover in the Arctic. In addition, the observed ice loss is generally happening faster than climate models have forecasted. The question gets even more complicated because we see a large spread in climate model simulations, with ice-free September conditions already happening in 2020 in some simulations but not until well beyond 2100 in others. So determining the answer is tricky. Is this, however, the correct question to be asking in the first place? It assumes sea-ice loss is a function of time, but is that the case? Federal Register Magnuson-Stevens Act Provisions; Fisheries Off West Coast States; Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery; Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery Management Plan; Amendment 28 A Proposed Rule by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on 08/15/2019 In Amendment 28 to the Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery Management Plan, NMFS proposes changes to closed areas that affect commercial vessels fishing with bottom contacting gear in Federal waters off of Washington, Oregon, and California under the Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery Management Plan. The proposed action would establish new and revised areas closed to bottom trawling to conserve and protect Pacific coast groundfish essential fish habitat, and re-open areas that were closed to bottom trawling to rebuild previously-overfished groundfish stocks. FYI’s The internet is going crazy over a 'salmon cannon' that shoots fish over a dam CNN by Scottie Andrew - August 12, 2019 (CNN) Give Twitter a fish, and you feed it for a day. But teach Twitter about a cannon that shoots salmon through a tube, and you feed enough memes to make people forget about 30 to 50 feral hogs. World Salmon Forum in Seattle Fishermen's News - August 14, 2019 Scientists, wild fish advocates and others will participate in the first-ever World Salmon Forum in Seattle Aug. 21-23, to share and discuss the challenges of current fisheries practices they say are devastating wild salmon populations. Do you want better fishery data? NOAA is taking notes National Fisherman by Jessica Hathaway - August 13, 2019 The Northeast Fisheries Science Center is seeking stakeholder input on cooperative research through meetings that kick off this week. The science center’s Cooperative Research Branch is conducting meetings in August and September from Maine to Virginia. Celebrating Alaska’s wild salmon Cordova Times by Margaret Bauman- August 15, 2019 Anchorage Unangax Dancers performed on the lawn of the Anchorage Museum on Aug. 8, 2019 in honor of Alaska’s fourth annual Wild Salmon Day. Their performance, under warm, sunny evening skies, included a tribute to king salmon. The Anchorage Unangax Dancers represent all the Alaska Native villages of the Aleutians.

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