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Monday, October 21, 2019

Alaska/Pacific Coast New research shows juvenile rockfish boomed during “the blob” KHNS by Henry Leasia - October 18, 2019 “The blob” is the ominous nickname used by fishermen and marine biologists to describe warm ocean conditions that appeared in the North Pacific in 2014. It lingered for about two years and the negative impacts on Alaska’s marine ecosystem were widely reported. But for some species, it wasn’t a bad thing. New research indicates that young rockfish were thriving during this period. Huffman files bill to protect, bolster salmon rivers SeafoodSource by Steve Bittenbender - October 18, 2019 A California congressman on Thursday, 17 October filed a bill in Congress that he claims would restore and protect the country’s salmon rivers and watersheds. International Official data on production, prices, markets and destinations of Alaska Pollock surimi - October 21, 2019 At US Customs, the average price of Alaskan pollock surimi (Gadus chalcogrammus) (HS 0304991130) was USD 2.72/kg in August. This price is 1% higher than April and 3% higher than August 2018. In the first eight months of the year, the price averaged USD 2.75/kg, up 8% on that of the same period in 2018. Report urges lenders to price sustainability risks into seafood industry capital costs SeafoodSource by Chris Loew - October 21, 2019 A new report from the nonprofit Planet Tracker is urging banks and investors to price the hidden risk of unsustainable operations by Japanese seafood companies into their lending decisions. Environment/Science LISTEN: A NOAA research vessel, docked in Nome, offers a peek into multi-year Arctic fish study Alaska Public Media News by JoJo Phillips - October 18, 2019 Last month, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research vessel Ocean Starr made a stop in Nome before the third and final leg of the Arctic Integrated Ecosystem Program, a multi-year study of fish species in the Chukchi sea. Genetically rare salmon fly to Orcas Island to preserve species KOMO News by Denise Whitaker - October 18, 2019 An emergency action plan that has Kokanee salmon flying through the state of Washington is now in full play. Labeling and Marketing 3MMI - The Potentially Disastrous Loligo Squid Market TradexFoods - October 21, 2019 Processors and Fishermen are all calling this season's California Market Squid Fishery a disaster with extremely low harvest levels, near zero inventories, and high demand for California Loligo Squid only. Squid processors are refraining from quoting pricing as there is no product to sell, and even if there is product to...

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