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Friday, April 30, 2021

Alaska City prepared to reduce mask rules by June 9 Medical team will not recommend eliminating mandates until after fishery is underway Cordova Times by Zachary Snowdon Smith - April 29, 2021 Signups for coronavirus vaccinations have decreased, and Cordova is nearing the point that all residents who want vaccines have received them, said Dr. Hannah Sanders, medical director for Cordova Community Medical Center. However, the Cordova Medical Response Team is sticking to its judgment that a possible recommendation to reduce virus mandates will not arrive before June. With decommissioning of the Douglas Munro, new cutters come to Kodiak- just not anytime soon KMXT by Dylan Simard - April 29, 2021 To ensure that operations in the north pacific area are not disrupted by the decommissioning of the Coast Guard Cutter Douglas Munro, the Coast Guard is going to bring up more cutters. That’s according to Captain Riley Gatewood, the last Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard Cutter Douglas Munro. Labeling and Marketing Alaska Seafood Marketing Update Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute - April 2021 Alaska Seafood awareness efforts make a splash, Upcoming Events, Alaska Seafood in the News, New Resources, ASMI Activities, Trade shows & forums, Social campaigns, Promotions FYI’s Peter Pan Seafood Hires Mowi Veteran Ken Taylor As New VP of Purchasing, Sales and Logistics Urner Barry by Amanda Buckle - April 30, 2021 Long time Mowi employee Ken Taylor is the latest addition to the team at Peter Pan Seafood. The Anchorage, Alaska-based company announced on Thursday that they’ve hired Taylor to serve as their new Vice President of Purchasing, Sales and Logistics. “Ken is a great fit for Peter Pan with his experience in building a sales force that is not only focused on customer relationships, but also that is energetic and responsive to customer needs,” said Rodger May, President and Chief Growth Officer at Peter Pan. “His commitment will strengthen our mission to be a premier global supplier of the highest quality seafood.” “This is an exciting time to be involved in developing a nimble, growth-minded company that adds value to both our stakeholders and the end consumer,” added Taylor. “From management to processing to sales to relationships with fleet and stakeholders, I am eager to work with the entire Peter Pan team to develop processes that streamline and enhance our ability to deliver the highest quality seafood, sales and service on a global level.” As mentioned above, Taylor has spent most of his career at Mowi, where he served as Sales Director. Early on in his career he also spent time at Aqua Star and Dory Seafoods. His unique experiences in the industry have give him an understanding of the importance of data-driven decision making and working within a vertically integrated seafood platform. Taylor joins many other new employees at Peter Pan Seafood. Shortly after the sale of the company in December 2020, Peter Pan hired former Silver Bay Seafoods COO Jon Hickman to serve as their new Executive VP of Operations. Kevin Larsen, who previously worked at Bornstein Seafoods and Icicle Seafoods, was hired to serve as their new VP of International Sales and Business Development. In March the company announced that they hired Mark Foster as their new Chief Financial Officer and Steve Minor as their new manager of business development. Peter Pan also welcomed Jonathan Thorpe, who was hired to increase access to swimming resources through investment, strategically aligned partnerships and direct sourcing, in addition to developing downstream products and customers. Earlier this month the company hired Shannon Grant to serve as their new Director of Human Resources.

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