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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Alaska/Pacific Coast

Salmon merging onto new ‘highway’ in Seattle, complete with rest stops and restaurants Seattle Times by Daniel Beekman - June 3, 2019 Next time you’re visiting Seattle’s downtown waterfront and gazing out across Elliott Bay toward the majestic Olympic Mountains, look down. You might see a shoal of silvery baby salmon, each about 3 inches long. International Russia Considering Ban of Foreign-Owned Transport Ships in Domestic Waters by Eugene Gerden - May 30, 2019 Russian ships specializing in the transportation of domestic fish harvests, could be transferred to domestic jurisdiction. The move is in response to earlier National Border Service demands to stop seafood transportation within the Russian territorial waters by foreign ships. Last year the Russian Border Service, which is responsible to the Federal Security Service, demanded Russian fishing companies to stop using foreign-owned ships due to the issues of national security. In accordance with the existing Russian federal law, “On Fisheries and the Conservation of Aquatic Biological Resources,” fish and seafood transportation is part of the fishery process. The law also stipulates that a fishery is an industry that has a strategic importance for the national security of Russia; therefore, foreign operations in the country is limited by law. Previously, the FSB did not make such demands if the vessel had the right to sail under the Russian flag and it was used by Russian citizens under the charter agreement. In the meantime, the new initiative has already sparked concerns from Russian fish producers. Its final adoption may lead to a significant increase of their costs and the growth of fish prices in the Russian market, they said. This is mainly due to the fact that many transport vessels that are currently used by Russian fish companies to transport their catch are owned by foreigners. However, experts of Rosrybolovstvo believe the existing problem could be finally resolved already in the coming months. Rosrybolovstvo representatives said the owners of these foreign ships are registered mainly in Cyprus and usually owned by Russian citizens. In this regard, re-registration of these ships under domestic jurisdiction could be one of the ways to solve the problem. At present most of the foreign-controlled ships specializing on the delivery of Russian fish operate in the Far East. The situation is better in the Northwest part of the country. Still, the majority of Russian independent experts in the field of fishing believe Rosrybolovstvo's plans for re-registration of transport ships many face serious difficulties. According to analysts, many of these vessels, especially those that operate in the Far East and whose cargo capacity exceeds 5,000 tonnes, are registered in foreign jurisdictions. For many of those, re-registration under the Russian jurisdiction will be impossible. Labeling and Marketing Press Release: Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute Targets Southeast Asia ASMI - June 3, 2019 Juneau, Alaska – June 3, 2019 –The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) today announced the launch of a dedicated Southeast Asia marketing program for Alaska Seafood. A supplemental grant of $5.5 million over three years was recently awarded to ASMI through the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service’s Agricultural Trade Promotion program, designed to help ease the adverse effects of tariff and non-tariff barriers on U.S. agricultural exporters. Federal Register Magnuson-Stevens Act Provisions; Fisheries Off West Coast States; Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery; 2019-2020 Biennial Specifications and Management Measures; Inseason Adjustments A Rule by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on 06/04/2019 This final rule announces routine inseason adjustments to management measures in commercial and recreational groundfish fisheries. This action is intended to allow commercial and recreational fishing vessels to access more abundant groundfish stocks while protecting overfished and depleted stocks. FYI’s Free Summertime Tours are back at NOAA’s Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute NOAA Fisheries - June 1, 2019 For the 10th year running, NOAA’s Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute is offering their free summertime lab tours. The tours provide an opportunity for Juneauites and their out of town guests to learn about the science behind Alaska’s sustainable fisheries, which produce more than half of all seafood caught in U.S. waters. Opinion Keep eating fish; it’s the best way to feed the world Ocean Recovery: A sustainable future for global fisheries? Oxford University Press (OUP) Blog by Ray Hilborn - May 31, 2019 The famous ocean explorer, Sylvia Earle, has long advocated that people stop eating fish. Recently, George Monbiot made a similar plea in The Guardian – there’s only one way to save the life in our oceans, stop eating fish – which, incidentally, would condemn several million people to starvation.

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