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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Alaska/Pacific Coast

Seattle will be home port for new class of icebreakers Seattle Times by Hal Bernton - June 17, 2019 Seattle will continue to be the home port for the Coast Guard’s heavy icebreakers in the next decade as shipyards build a new class of “Polar Security” cutters. New generation of fishermen continues Petersburg presence in Bristol Bay KFSK by Ari Snider - June 17, 2019 Right about now, fishermen from all over the state are converging on Bristol Bay, in Western Alaska, to work the region’s legendary sockeye salmon run. Captains and crews from Petersburg have been fishing there for decades, and recent blockbuster years have helped attract a new generation to the Bay. Ari Snider spoke with captains and crew members about the community of Southeast fishermen that has formed 900 miles away. National The MSC is celebrating 20 years of partnership with Whole Foods Market on sustainable seafood - June 19, 2019 Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is celebrating 20 years of partnership with Whole Foods Market on sustainable seafood. In 1999, Whole Foods Market became the first US retailer to partner with the MSC to make certified sustainable seafood available to customers around the US. MSC’s longest standing retail partner created sustainable seafood as a concept for consumers by sourcing MSC certified seafood and selling products with the MSC blue fish logo. International Alaskan fish gets deboned in China. Now it may get hit with Trump's tariffs CNN by Katie Lobosco - June 19, 2019 Washington (CNN) Matt Fass sells American-caught fish, but he's worried about President Donald Trump's threatened tariffs on China. Why? China has become one of the leading fish processors over the past 20 years. That means that fish caught around the world are headed and gutted, frozen, and then shipped to China where it may be deboned or cut into a filet before coming back to the United States. Alaska congressional delegation asks Trump administration to help fishermen hurt by trade war with China Anchorage Daily News by Alex DeMarban - June 19, 2019 The Alaska congressional delegation wants the Trump administration to help Alaska fishermen and seafood processors caught in the president’s trade war with China, saying they should be part of the roughly $15 billion aid package for farmers from the Department of Agriculture.

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