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Monday, December 30, 2019

Alaska/Pacific Coast

2020 Forecast: Bristol Bay still looks bright, but fishermen face cuts in cod, crab and halibut Alaska Journal of Commerce by Elizabeth Earl - December 24, 2019 Judging by the forecasts, 2020 could be an eventful year in Alaska’s commercial fisheries. Even though not all the forecasts and catch limits are rosy, there are some bright spots, such as an increased eastern Bering Sea snow crab total allowable catch and another promising forecast for Bristol Bay sockeye salmon. However, fishermen this winter are looking at tighter limits in some groundfish fisheries, particularly in the Gulf of Alaska. State waters fishery for P-cod opens Feb. 1 Cordova Times - December 23, 2019 A state waters Prince William Sound area fishery for Pacific cod opens on Feb. 1 for jig, pot and longline gear, with a guideline harvest level of 437,425 pounds, of which 371,811 pounds are allocated to longline gear and 65,614 pounds for pot or jig gear. GHL down for Pollock pelagic trawl fishery Cordova Times - December 24, 2019 A directed fishery for walleye pollock using pelagic trawl gear in the Prince William Sound registration area will open at noon Jan. 20 with a guideline harvest level 2,988 metric tons, down 684 metric tons from last year’s quota. West Coast fishery rebounds in rare conservation 'home run' East Oregonian by Gillian Flaccus - December 28, 2019 WARRENTON — A rare environmental success story is unfolding in waters off the U.S. West Coast. After years of fear and uncertainty, bottom trawler fishermen — those who use nets to catch rockfish, bocaccio, sole, Pacific Ocean perch and other deep-dwelling fish — are making a comeback here, reinventing themselves as a sustainable industry less than two decades after authorities closed huge stretches of the Pacific Ocean because of the species’ depletion. International GAPP approves USD 1.5 million in partnership funding to promote pollock SeafoodSource by Ben Fisher - December 23, 2019 The Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) Board of Directors approved USD 1.5 million (EUR 1.35 million) worth of funding for partnership programs in North America, according to a GAPP press release. Environment/Science Chinook salmon are getting smaller, and researchers say killer whales may be to blame KRBD by Eric Stone - December 27, 2019 Chinook salmon, also known as king salmon, are getting smaller, and a team of scientists at the University of Washington think they know why. A new study says killer whales might be behind Chinook’s declining size. Federal Register Magnuson-Stevens Act Provisions; Fisheries Off West Coast States; Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery; Pacific Fishery Management Plan; Amendment 28; Correction A Rule by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on 12/26/2019 NMFS published a final rule that implemented Amendment 28 to the Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery Management Plan in the Federal Register on November 19, 2019 (84 FR 63966). The final rule changed boundaries of closed areas that affect commercial vessels fishing under the Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery Management Plan with bottom contacting gear in Federal waters off of Washington, Oregon, and California. Fisheries of the Exclusive Economic Zone Off Alaska; Chinook Salmon Prohibited Species Catch Limits in the Gulf of Alaska A Rule by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on 12/30/2019 NMFS is reapportioning the projected unused amount, 3,342 Chinook salmon prohibited species catch limit, from the vessels participating in directed fishing for pollock in the Central Regulatory area of the Gulf of Alaska (GOA) to vessels participating in directed fishing for pollock in the Western Regulatory area of the GOA. This action is consistent with the goals and objectives of the Fishery Management Plan for Groundfish of the Gulf of Alaska. FYI’s National Fisheries Institute Issues Statement on the Passing of Alex Ko Perishable News by National Fisheries Institute Seafood - December 24, 2019 WASHINGTON, DC — Alex Ko’s leadership at Grobest North America helped ensure the family company remained a valued global pioneer in feeds and a technological leader that brought innovative products to markets. A business with a focus on simple animal nutrition became a trailblazer with a passion for disease control, enhanced efficiency, increased yields …. and doing the right thing.

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