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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Alaska/Pacific Coast US West Coast rockfish recovery hailed as success story Seafood Source by Ben Fisher - January 29, 2020 The Environmental Defense Fund is praising the remarkable recovery of the groundfish fishery on the U.S. West Coast. The fishery, which consists predominantly of species of rockfish and flatfish, was near collapse due to overfishing two decades ago. Thanks to conservation efforts, a recovery effort has been massively successful, with only two stocks classified as overfished, down from 10 when the efforts began. In addition, the two currently overfished stocks are on the road to being rebuilt in coming years, according to EDF. Seafood industry facing challenges beyond harvest cuts Alaska Journal of Commerce by Elizabeth Earl - January 29, 2020 Amid ongoing declines of salmon returns, restrictions on harvest and collapsing groundfish stocks, Alaska seafood industry experts are concerned about something else too: the workforce. Ring of Fire lights up: Earthquakes near proposed Pebble Mine site National Fisherman by Jessica Hathaway - January 28, 2020 This morning, residents in Alaska’s Bristol Bay region reported waking to a magnitude 3.6 earthquake near the proposed Pebble Mine site just before 6 a.m. International New Study Finds Some Fisheries Management Is Actually Working Forbes by Ariella Simke Contributor - January 29, 2020 Understanding how many fish are in the sea is crucial to creating effective policy and management strategies. One study out of the University of Washington in Seattle took a close look at how fishing pressures and stock abundance are correlated. How will management initiatives in countries with high fishing pressure affect the number of fish that are available to catch? Ray Hilborn and 23 contributing authors on the paper took a data-driven approach to this question with optimistic results that they hope will convince policymakers and the public that fish stocks are actually on the rise. Environment/Science “Blob” Research Reveals Environmental Effects That Shut Down Fishing and Hiked Whale Entanglements NOAA Fisheries - January 27, 2020 An ecological pileup of unprecedented changes in the ocean off the West Coast beginning about 2014 led to record entanglements of humpback and other whales. This put the region’s most valuable commercial fishery at risk, new research shows. FYI’s Atlantic cod skins are proving a life saver Icelandic firm produces sterile grafts to treat severe burns, other tissue damage in people and animals Cordova Times by Margaret Bauman - January 29, 2020 Descaled skins of Atlantic cod processed by an Icelandic firm are proving a life saver for people and animals alike in treatment of severe burns and other tissue damage issues, including diabetic wounds.

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