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Monday, March 2, 2020

Alaska/Pacific Coast

Cordova still among nation’s top 20 fishing ports 59 million pounds of seafood delivered to Cordova in 2018 were worth $55 million Cordova Times by Margaret Bauman - March 1, 2020 Landings were down and value too over 2017, but in 2018 Cordova still ranked among the nation’s top commercial fishing ports for the poundage and value of seafood deliveries. Expo News: Tracking trends in commercial fishing to build a stronger community National Fishermen by Jessica Hathaway - February 28, 2020 We talk a lot about fishing communities because they’re the lifeblood of this industry. Without your community, you have no home port, no place to tie up after a hard run, rest, replenish your supplies and make much-needed repairs. The Port of Bristol Bay is the second most valuable harbor in the U.S. KDLG by Tyler Thompson - February 28, 2020 The port’s value increased by more than $40 million, from $154 to $195 million, in commercial fishery landings between 2017 and 2018. In last year’s report, Naknek ranked third. ADF&G says herring fishery unlikely this spring KCAW by Katherine Rose - February 28, 2020 The Sitka Sac Roe Herring Fishery likely won’t happen this year. That’s according to a statement released Friday (2-28-20) by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Weak markets and smaller-than-average fish — two factors in the premature closure of last year’s fishery — are being blamed for the move, along with new uncertainty over the spread of coronavirus in China. Commerce Dept. allocates $35M for P-cod, Chignik fisheries disasters Alaska Journal of Commerce by Elizabeth Earl - February 28, 2020 Fishermen affected by the 2018 Pacific cod and Chignik sockeye disasters will soon have access to about $35 million in relief funding. Labeling and Marketing 3MMI - Coronavirus: China Insiders Update TradexFoods - March 2, 2020 Most plants in China have started production again, however access to the production facilities by outsiders are being strictly prohibited - this even includes government officials. What can companies do to control inventory during this Coronavirus disruption? Associate Member News The following press release was provided by an associate member. From time to time our associate members ask us to publish press releases, and we are happy to accommodate these requests. Witness the pace of Marel innovations in Boston - February 26, 2020 Live demonstrations of Marel products at SENA this year will help visitors get a grip on some of the most innovative fish processing solutions on the market. The innovation teams at Marel have a firm grasp on Industry 4.0 technologies and the company’s contribution to major exhibitions in the coming months focuses on helping visitors get a grip on these innovations too, in order to keep shaping the future of seafood processing together.

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