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Monday, June 22, 2020


Alaska Fisheries Report KMXT by Maggie Wall - June 20, 2020 Salmon season’s off to a slow start around the state. ADF&G sets TAC for golden king crab fishery Cordova Times - June 21, 2020 State fisheries managers have set a 2020-21 total allowable catch limit of 3.28 million pounds of Aleutian Islands golden king crab for east of Atka and 2.66 million pounds west of Atka, down from 4.3 million pounds and 2.9 million pounds respectively from the 2019-20 fishery. Copper River fishermen gain another harvest Evridge: It’s still too early to draw any conclusions Cordova Times by Margaret Bauman - June 19, 2020 Commercial harvesters keen on those Copper River salmon got a fifth shot at those prized Chinooks and reds on Thursday, June 18, in a 12-hour opener announced by Alaska Department of Fish and Game officials in Cordova. Federal subsistence board will consider emergency dipnet season Unified Command’s mass care group on food security says state has no food security issues Cordova Times by Margaret Bauman - June 21, 2020 A request from Cordova residents for an emergency special action subsistence dipnet season in the lower Copper River will be taken up on Monday, June 22 by the federal subsistence board, for a fishery not to exceed 60 days. Bristol Bay seafood cases push Alaska’s coronavirus count up by 26 Alaska Public Media by Lex Treinen - June 19, 2020 Alaska saw 26 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, including seven new cases among nonresident seafood workers in the Bristol Bay plus Lake and Peninsula region, according to numbers from the state’s health department. Labeling and Marketing Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute: Marketing Update ASMI - June 2020 Information for Alaska’s Seafood Industry on COVID-19, Jann Dickerson Named ASMI Foodservice Marketing Representative, 2020 Weekly Salmon Harvest Updates Begin, New Quick Reference Cooking Guides, Alaska Seafood Quality Processing Video, Rosauers Celebrates Lent with Designated Alaska Seafood Section in Service Case... 3MMI - Vegan Seafood & The Future of the Plant-Based Meat Market TradexFoods - June 22, 2020 The world's meat and dairy industries have seen increasing disruption from plant-based alternatives becoming a massive trend within the last decade. While seafood remains difficult to 'veganize', with a growing customer base and new technologies there are already multiple options on the market. FYI’s June National Oceans Month: Marine Stewardship Council Encourages Consumers to Look for the Blue Fish Label to Protect Our Big Blue Future MSC campaign runs throughout June National Oceans Month and highlights everyday shopping and cooking decisions that better connect consumers to our one shared ocean PRNewswire by Marine Stewardship Council - June 16, 2020 The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), a non-profit whose sole mission is to make sure wild seafood is around forever, celebrated UN World Oceans Day (June 8) by kicking off its 'Little Blue Label, Big Blue Future' campaign. Through aspirational messages and a compelling video, the MSC campaign runs the duration of June US National Oceans Month and demonstrates how daily decisions as simple as meal planning impact the ocean and its inhabitants.

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