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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

*********************************** Please Help Hungry Families eat more seafood: PSPA and APA have a joint venture underway to help feed hungry families, children, and communities more seafood in 2020. We realize that in this age of COVID-19 all of us in the seafood industry are navigating challenging times. Even so, there are friends and neighbors in our nation that have it even worse than we do. Food banks are struggling to keep up with demands to feed hungry people protein and seafood is largely absent from their menus. SeaShare is a nonprofit organization that was established 25 years ago to help us maximize the results of our collective donations and we’ve once again partnered with them to get food to people in need. PSPA and APA have worked with others to donate over one million pounds of high protein seafood over the last 3 months, but the need remains. We know there is more seafood available for hungry families if we can raise the funds needed to process and distribute to food banks. PSPA and APA are asking our friends, colleagues, and associates to consider giving during this time of incredible need. We have set up a live donation page at Please make a donation to help. Thank you. ***********************************

Alaska Cod tagging project shows cod might not overwinter in Bering Sea KNOM by Davis Hovey - August 10, 2020 As the number of Pacific cod swimming into the Northern Bering Sea continues to increase, scientists have gathered initial data on the fish’s movements. Even though they have a small sample size, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) researchers believe that cod are unable to survive under the ice in the Bering Sea. West Coast Relief funds available to Oregon fishing businesses The Astorian - August 7, 2020 Financial assistance is available to Oregon fishermen and fishing-related businesses impacted by the coronavirus. National SeaShare donation volume doubles due to increased need in US Seafood Source by Chris Chase - August 10, 2020 Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.-based SeaShare has seen a massive uptick in donation requests from food banks across the country, as the COVID-19 pandemic is causing many Americans to become food insecure. 'Prices are painfully low': Salmon suppliers say US market levels are unsustainable Prices may rise if plants in Chile's main processing hub start to see increasing worker absences from COVID-19. Intrafish by John Evans - August 7, 2020 Suppliers to the US salmon market are hopeful prices have hit the bottom and are starting to rise again after sinking in the wake of the arrival of increased quantities of fresh sockeye salmon on supermarket shelves. International USTR extends tariff exclusions for some seafood products, others will face tariffs again Seafood Source by Chris Chase - August 10, 2020 The United States Trade Representative has released a list of products shipped from China that will receive an extension of tariff exclusions, with several seafood items on the list. Japan Fisheries Agency Increases Alaska Pollock TAC to 65,000 Tons by Tom Asakawa - August 11, 2020 The Fisheries Agency of Japan approved the increase in the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) of pollock for the FY2020 fishing season (April to March 2021) at the 102nd Resource Management Subcommittee of the Fisheries Policy Council held in Tokyo on August 6. In response to a large number of pollock in the Sea of Okhotsk appearing in the Japanese fishing grounds this year, the Agency increased the catch quota for offshore trawling in the waters by 10,000 tons to 64,900 tons. According to the Agency's resource management department, the resource is struggling between the waters of Japan and Russia, but it has increased this year. The resource condition is also at a high level in Japan's fishing grounds," the Agency's Resource Management Department said. As of June, the offshore trawl fishing had the largest ever record of 37,515 tons of Alaska pollock, and the Agency estimates that 64,236 tons will be harvested by March next year. At the same meeting, the Agency proposed an increase in quota and obtained the committee members' approval. With this increase in TAC, the total number of pollock quotas in Japan's 2020 fishing season is now 234,700 tons. Opinion Opinion: To preserve Bristol Bay, stop the permit for Pebble Mine Seattle Times editorial board - Aug. 6, 2020 The late July announcement that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is poised to green-light the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska revealed an appalling misuse of federal environmental review. FYI

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