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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Alaska Seiners’ catch exceeds 5000 tons so far in herring fishery KCAW by Katherine Rose - March 31, 2021 The Sitka Sound Sac Roe Herring Fishery opened again on Monday and Tuesday. According to a press release from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the fleet caught around 1,250 tons during the seven-hour opener on Sunday (3-28-21). Hatchery Operators Forecast Return of Some 65.8 Million Fish to Alaska in 2021 Fishermen's News - March 31, 2021 Hatchery operators are forecasting a total return of some 65.8 million fish this year, including 51.7 million pink salmon, 10.8 million chum, 1.9 million sockeye, one million coho and 95,000 Chinook salmon to hatchery projects. As the Nushagak braces for another large sockeye run, managers seek to preserve fragile king runs The state has forecasted a jump in commercial salmon harvests across most species this summer. Once again, Bristol Bay is projected to see a huge influx of sockeye. But there are still concerns about king salmon runs. KDLG by Isabelle Ross - March 31, 2021 Fifty-one million sockeye are forecast to return to Bristol Bay this summer. If that holds, commercial fishermen will be able to harvest around 37 million reds. That’s 13% more than the average harvest of the past decade. ANALYSIS: Alaskan Pollock Blocks - Record High Prices, Continued Strain on Supply Urner Barry by Lorin Castiglione - April 1, 2021 The Alaskan pollock market sees continued challenges carryover from the 2020 B season. Last year the industry was not only faced with new operating procedures aboard vessels in the wake of COVID-19, but changing fishing patterns including a smaller, younger class of fish into the fishery as well as fish moving farther into fishing area FAO 61 causing longer travel time and increased fuel costs in the Northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean, all contributing to production slowdowns and supply issues. As the industry closes in on the end of the 2021 A season in a few weeks, processed pollock fish blocks continue to see record high pricing supported in the new year. Supply issues remain as the opening of the season on January 20, 2021 was delayed by many to allow their crew members to quarantine for two weeks prior to setting out on the water.

Currently, landings through March 20, 2021 report 381,768 metric tons of pollock caught in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands compared to the same 2020 timeframe of 516,307 metric tons, a 134,539 metric ton difference. While the total catch is lower, March 20, 2021 noted the second week in a row that... Be the first to gain access to analysis pieces from Urner Barry market reporters. Subscribe to Urner Barry's Comtell today. Read the analysis on Comtell here. FYI’s Coast Guard updates mask mandate: Requirement stands National Fisherman by Jessica Hathaway - March 29, 2021 All crews on commercial fishing vessels must “wear a face mask or cloth face covering when outside of individual cabins,” according to a Coast Guard a Marine Safety Information Bulletin issued on Monday, March 22. OHRC Board Seeks Comments Through April 5 on Hatchery Salmon Research Fishermen's News - March 31, 2021 Public comment is being accepted through April 5 by the Oregon Hatchery Research Center (OHRC) on research projects designed to investigate effects from domestication, mate choice and olfactory imprinting on the fitness and behavior of hatchery salmon.

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