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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Alaska After "nerve racking" slow start, Bristol Bay catch numbers rebound with 2 million plus catch days KTUU by Grant Robinson - July 12, 2020 The Fourth of July is typically the high point in the salmon season for Bristol Bay's commercial fishing fleet, but in a year where COVID-induced uncertainty dominated the preseason, low harvest added to anxiety in the first weeks of the season. Bristol Bay sockeye running strong as markets remain murky Seafood Source by Brian Hagenbuch - July 14, 2020 After a slow start to the season, Bristol Bay, Alaska – home to the world’s largest sockeye run –is seeing fish hit hard and fast, with a string of historically strong days spiking catch numbers and overloading processors. No clear direction yet for Bristol Bay salmon prices Bristol Bay salmon processors are settling down after seeing major surges, but prices remain unstable. Intrafish by Rachel Sapin - July 15, 2020 The Alaska salmon fishing season is picking up thanks to Bristol Bay's recent record sockeye harvests, but what the market will pay for the fish remains anyone's guess. Environment/Science New Poll Shows Alaska Voters Oppose Construction of Pebble Mine by Two to One by Peggy Parker - July 13, 2020 A new research study by David Binder Research of likely voters in the November 2020 election, confirms that opposition to the Pebble Mine project is “broad and intense.” Alaskans oppose the construction of the mine, including almost half (48%) who strongly oppose that. Further, 57% support a veto from the Environmental Protection Agency, while 34% oppose. The online survey was conducted in early June of 500 likely November 2020 voters in Alaska. The demographics and partisan composition of the survey reflect that of the expected November 2020 electorate. The Bristol Bay Defense Fund commissioned the research. By 31% for to 62% against, or a two-to-one margin, Alaskans oppose the construction of the mine, including almost half (48%) who strongly oppose the construction of the mine. Alaskans are very aware of Pebble Mine, with 95% of voters say that they have heard at least something about the Pebble, and 61% saying that they have heard a great deal. Fifty-eight percent of Alaska voters say are unfavorable compared to only 28% saying they feel favorably. Forty-five percent of those polled described their feelings as “very unfavorable.” Opposition to the mine is consistent across almost all demographic and geographic subgroups. Independents (26% to 66%) and Democrats (8% to 88%) both oppose the mine, while Republicans support it (52% to 37%). Across all age groups, opposition to the mine was stronger than favoring it. Millennials opposed it (24% in favor, 66% against), as did Generation X (33% to 60%), Boomers (33% to 60%), and Seniors (31% to 62%). When details about Pebble Mine were provided, opposition increased among voters. Participants were presented with a series of details about the Pebble Mine proposal, and asked whether each detail makes them more supportive or more opposed to the mine. Most details made an overwhelming majority of voters more opposed. FYI’s Marsh, Kimball reappointed to ASMI board Cordova Times - July 13, 2020 Gov. Mike Dunleavy has announced the reappointment of Tomi Marsh of Ketchikan and Allen Kimball of Seattle to the board of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, with terms to run through June 30, 2023. Kelly Denit Appointed New Director for NOAA’s Office of Sustainable Fisheries NOAA Fisheries - July 13, 2020 Denit will work closely with Fisheries’ regional offices and science centers in partnership with the regional fishery management councils, interstate marine fishery commissions, and states. Reminder: NOAA Fisheries needs completed surveys to enable scientists to assess COVID-19 impacts on commercial/for-hire fishing operations and seafood dealers/processors NOAA Fisheries - July 14, 2020 If you received a survey from NOAA Fisheries and partner, the University of Florida, we request you take the time to complete it. The survey takes less than 6 minutes and the information you provide is strictly confidential. Survey participants were selected as part of a carefully designed random sample, so your response (if you received a letter) is very important to the success of this survey.

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