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Friday, July 2, 2021

Alaska Yukon River chinook, chums, on track for dismal season KUAC by Dan Bross - July 1, 2021 There wasn’t much positive news during this week’s teleconference hosted by the Yukon River Fisheries Drainage Association. Yukon River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission Chair Brook Woods shared a dismal chinook salmon count from the Pilot Station sonar near the river’s mouth. Environment/Science NOAA Fisheries to Phase out Salmon Production at Little Port Walter Research Station While steps will be taken in the next few weeks to begin winding down operations, fish returns are expected for several years after production ends. NOAA Fisheries - June 25, 2021 Over the years, fish hatched, reared, and released from Little Port Walter have augmented a number of coastal fisheries throughout Southeast Alaska. However, due to budgetary challenges NOAA Fisheries is phasing out its salmon production at the field station beginning in June. As Marine Fish Shift With Climate Change, Scientists Work Across Borders to Ensure Sustainability U.S. and Russian scientists are working together to provide survey information critical for sustainable management of economically valuable Bering Sea fisheries. NOAA Fisheries - June 22, 2021 The cold waters of the eastern Bering Sea support some of the world’s largest and best-managed commercial fisheries. Sustainable management of these fisheries is founded on scientific information provided by Alaska Fisheries Science Center groundfish surveys. New collaborative research is providing information to ensure accurate local estimates of fish abundance in a changing Bering Sea. Labeling and Marketing Alaska Seafood Marketing Update ASMI - June 2021 Newsletter Communicating Value, Upcoming Events, Alaska Seafood in the News, New Resources, Wild Alaska flatfish fact sheet, In-season salmon harvest updates, ASMI Activities, Trade shows & forums, Social Campaigns ... 3MMI - Salmon Market Update as Alaska Salmon Season Gets Underway TradexFoods - June 28, 2021 For Sockeye, landings are above the levels they were in 2020, indicating that the run is coming in and on time. Moving onto Chum Salmon and current harvest totals are indicating that landings are trending in a good direction. For Pink Salmon, as landings are starting to come, it's anyone's guess where it will end up however, this year, Alaska is forecasted to produce 124 million Pinks compared to a harvest of 60 million last year. Expect prices to be high as the run doesn't typically peak until calendar week 32 to 34. FYI’s Industry mover and shaker Peter Pan Seafood adds Michael DeCaro to its team DeCaro takes the role of vice president of retail sales and product development Peter Pan Seafood - June 29, 2021 ANCHORAGE, Alaska —Leaders at Peter Pan Seafood Co., LLC say they are one step closer to a gold standard team and company. Peter Pan recently welcomed Michael DeCaro to its team as vice president of retail sales and product development. In this position, DeCaro will lead the team developing new retail items and portion control, playing an important role as the company producesmore value-added productsthis year.

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