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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Alaska The federal government will manage the Yukon River salmon fishery where the river passes through federal lands KYUK by Anna Rose MacArthur - May 6, 2022 The federal government will manage the Yukon River salmon fishery this summer where the river passes through federal lands. That action follows a decision released on May 6 by the Federal Subsistence Board. Only federal subsistence users who live along the river will be allowed to fish for salmon in the federal waters of the Yukon River. Labeling and Marketing 3MMI - Alaska Salmon Season Is Fast Approaching; Salmon 101 TradexFoods - May 9, 2022 For this episode we give you a light Salmon 101 refresher - but first, we'll provide our weekly recommendation. It's too early to speculate on how sanctions on Russia and the 315,000 metric tonnes of Russia Salmon forecasted to be harvested this summer will affect North American supply - but (at this time), we do know there will be less Pinks, and more Sockeye out of Alaska this year. Salmon 101: in order of largest to smallest they are King Salmon (averaging 10-30lbs in size), Coho (averaging 6-12lbs), Chum (averaging 8-12lbs), Sockeye (averaging 4-10lbs), and Pinks (averaging 3-5lbs). FYI’s Near Wrangell, the search for a shipwreck that took the lives of Asian cannery workers a hundred years ago KSTK by Sage Smiley - May 9, 2022 An eight-person crew of scientists, artists and divers are trying to locate the site of one of the deadliest shipwrecks in Alaska history. Most of the victims were Asian cannery workers, and many of their names remain unknown. Expedition members say they hope to find the wreck and shine a light on how those workers bore the brunt of the tragedy. Pacific Seafood Processors Association 1900 W Emerson Place Suite 205, Seattle, WA 98119 Phone: 206.281.1667 E-mail:; Website: Our office days/hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, any copyrighted work in this message is distributed under fair use without profit or payment to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. *Inclusion of a news article, report, or other document in this email does not imply PSPA support or endorsement of the information or opinion expressed in the document.


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